Wisdom India School of Hashim

Allahumdulilah, By the grace of the Almighty, Wisdom India School of Hashim is established at Bijapur to fulfill the need of quality education for the people of Bijapur. Special emphasis is laid for appointing qualified and competent teachers who teach CBSE syllabus. For ages together the need was felt to start an English medium school surrounded by Islamic atmosphere. This void has been filled and a quality English medium school has started functioning from 6th of June 2011. Here CBSE Syllabus is taught along with the Deeniyat as an optional subject. For the sake of students,new buses have been purchased. People of Bijapur are requested to visit the campus and view the newly constructed excellent building at the AL-Hashmi Educational Trust’s campus at Sindagi Road,Bijapur. Further it is humbly requested to the parents to get their children admitted at WISH (Wisdom India School of Hashim) for acquiring excellent education in English medium and for the all round development of their children.