The city of Bijapur has been leading center of Sufi’s, Saints & Savants. During the reign of Adil Shahi Dynasty it attracted a large number of Sufi Saints, Poets, Artists & Architectures of high eminence.(984-1056 H)
Hazrath Hazhimpeer who represents the glorious tradition of Quadri-Shuttari Sufi order came to Bijapur on specific instructions from the Prophet of Islam. He was brought up in a highly scholastic atmosphere under the influence of Sayedna Vajhuddin Hussaini Gujrati, popularly known as Haider Ali Sani. It was during the rule of Ibrahim Adil Shah-II when Hazrath Hashimpeer arrived in Bijapur & it was his influence on the Adil Shahi dynasty that trains formed the dynasty which was following Un-Islamic & Heretic practices.
The world famous Gol-Gumbaz owes its completion to Hashimpeer who gifted his 10 years life to his disciple Sultan Muhammed Adil Shah. Jamia Hashimpeer which is being developed under the spiritual guidance & patronage of Hazrath Hashimpeer, greatly fills in void in imparting religious education of high standard. Jamia Hashimpeer is established in a seven acre land & a beautiful building has been Constructed Completely. Apart from imparting religious education, arrangements have also been made in imparting modern & technical education to cope up with the changing demand.


Allahumdulilah, Jamia Al-Batool has been started Since june 2009 to Import Islamic & Sufi Education for Women.


Has also been established at Jamia Hashimpeer, attributed to Imam Ahmed Raza, Mohaddis-e-Bareli (R.A.) from where Muslims get the solution for their religious & personal problems.


Allahumdulilah, By the grace of the Almighty, Wisdom India School of Hashim has been established at Bijapur to fulfill the need of quality education for the Bijapur citizens. Special emphasis is laid for picking up qualified and left competent teachers in CBSE syllabus teaching. For ages together the need was left to start or English medium school surrounded by Islamic atmosphere. This void has been fulfilled and a quality English medium school has been started from 6th June 2011. Here CBSE Syllabus is taught along with the Deeniyat as subject which is optional. For the sake of students to and fro transport, new busses have been purchased. Citizens of Bijapur are requested to visit the campus and view the newly constructed excellent building and the AL-Hashmi Educational Trusts campus at Sindagi Road,Bijapur and further it is humbly requested to the parents to get their children admitted at WISH (Wisdom India School of Hashim) for acquiring excellent education in English and for the all round development of the child.


Allahumdulilah, in historic city of Bijapur and for the people of Ahl-E-Sunnat, one year Imamat Course is being started under the auspices of Jamia Hashimpeer The syllabus for the Imamat Course is being framed by tge scholars of Jamia Hashimpeer which fills up the requirements irrespective of age and belonging to any sphere of his Imamat Course provides a person to be competent for Imamat and Khitabat. Apart from this course people are also taught to read and write urdu, nazra Quran majeed, Sirat-e-Rasool (Alaihissalam) and other relevant problems faced by the Umma. Daily teaching for the course is of 2hours 40minutes which is divided into 4periods. It starts 07:00 am to 9:40 am.


Under the aegis of Al-Hashmi Trust Darul Uloom Hazrath Hashimpeer at Dharwad & Madarsa Vajihuddin husaini at Kudgi has also been established where students are immensely benefited from religious education.
A Center for Islamic Studies, Computer Center & Center for Documentation & preservation of manuscripts are also on the agenda of Al-Hashmi Eduational Trust (Regd.)
We appeal to our brothers in Islam to come forward & donate generously for the accomplishment of this noble cause.