Roohani Elaaj

Duas, Zikr-o-wazaif, Spiritual Cure for diseases and sufferings based on Holy Quran, Sunnah of Holy Prophet and teachings of Auliya Allah.


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The Geneology of Hazrat Allama Moulana Sayed Muhammad Tanveer Hashmi Sahab along with chains of Vicegerentship (Khilafat) of various schools of Tasawuff.


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Religious Activities

Year Round speeches, Majalis-E-Milad, Commemoration of important days at Jamia Hashimpeer, Jamia Al-Batool under the guidance of Allama Sayed MuhammadTanveer Hashmi.
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Religious decrees injunctions and guidelines in matters of fiqh, aqaid and masail of modernage based upon Quran and Sunnah to guide the people towards the right path.

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A collection of enlightening lectures and speeches of Allama Sayed Tanveer Hashmi on various topics related to fiqh, aqaid, masail of modern age.


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Soon 2 Books Tazkiratul Wajih And Gulzar e Wajih will be Uploaded On Hazrat Syedina Wajihuddin Alvi Ul Hussaini, Haider Ali Saani R.a. Written By Hazrat Syed Hussaini Peer Alvi Ul Hussaini R.a.
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